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imageOn June 18, 10:30 AM, Sunday begins with a Summer Solstice-themed service led by Libby Earle. The service will be followed by a potluck lunch around 11:30 AM.

Then at 2:00-4:00 PM there will be a public screening of the National Geographic / Interfaith Power and Light documentary film “From the Ashes, Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee, HUUC.

Both events are located at the Hopedale Unitarian Universal Community, 3870 Oxford Millville Rd, Oxford, OH.

Social Justice Sundays, June and July

June and July 2017 Services

For the seventh summer in a row, Hopedale’s Social Justice Committee is planning June and July Sunday services. Our format is a little less formal than usual, and we’ll be changing things up from week to week, including three field trips. But the focus is always on the integration of Hopedale’s appreciation of the seasons as they intersect with social justice agendas and local opportunities.

This summer, we are focusing on both getting to know each other better, experiencing our local activities and interests, while also connecting with larger UUA agendas. Our first service will familiarize us with the UUA’s 2014-2018 Congregational Study/Action Issue, Escalating Inequality, and the 2016-2020 Congregational Study/Action Issue, The Corruption of Our Democracy. On June 4, we will kick off our reading of J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy. Elegy is the reading book for Miami University’s first-year reading program, and Vance may be on campus for a talk in the fall. The book has gotten mixed reviews, and since Vance is writing about life in Middletown, a conversation about his family’s story and Escalating Inequality will be engaging. We will also put democracy into action by voting on candidates for the next President of the Unitarian Universalist Association—Patty Klingenberg and Genevieve O’Malley Knight will be our representatives to the UUA’s General Assembly in New Orleans at the end of June, and we’d like to give them input about how to vote.

  • June 4- Congregational Study/Action Issue: Escalating Inequality. Kickoff of reading Hillbilly Elegy. Congregational Study/Action Issue: The Corruption of Our Democracy. Congregational democracy in action—vote on candidates for next UUA President. Service leaders: Ann Fuehrer and Patty Klingenberg         
  • June 11- Field trip & Celebration to wrap up spring adult RE program, “Hungry for Change”: Tour MOON Co-op Market, purchase picnic, tour of Linda Amspaugh’s garden at 4983 Stillwell Rd, Oxford, picnic. Coordinator: Ann Fuehrer
  • June 18- Summer solstice service. Service leader: Libby Earle
  • June 25, 10:00 am- View broadcast of GA worship service. Host: Genevieve O’Malley Knight
  • July 2- Field trip: Tour Don Isaac’s nursery 108 Pierce Street, Liberty, IN. Finish with lunch at El Reparo, also in Liberty
  • July 9- Discuss first third Hillbilly Elegy;
  • July 16- Discuss second third Hillbilly Elegy
  • July 23- Field trip: Freedom Summer memorial, Western campus with Ann Elizabeth Armstrong
  • July 30- Discuss last third Hillbilly Elegy; View Appalshop film “Strangers and Kin” with Curt Ellison

Stand with Standing Rock

standing-rockWe are overwhelmed with political circus and lose sight of the real struggles in the world. Right now we are witnessing (thanks mostly to social media) a brutal militarized police response to the Water Protectors in North Dakota. We must not dismiss them as mere ‘protestors’ for they are attempting at great personal risk to protect our most precious resource: water. We must speak out against corporate greed that threatens our democracy and the planet.

The Social Justice Committee, standing on the side of love for the rights of indigenous peoples and the environment, has made a donation of $200 to the Standing Rock Camp fund at Go Fund Me Please consider making a personal donation to the camp fund or legal fund. – Libby Earle, Social Justice Committee

MARCC Fall Planning Conference

Nine UU’s from three different UU congregations represented the UU Council at the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati on Tuesday evening, November 15. The purpose of the meeting was to select two important social issues for special focus during 2012.

Dot Christenson and Lee Meyer from First Church (Cincinnati) joined Liz Woedl from Hopedale (Oxford) and Joel Araujo, John Chavies, Mel Levant, Tom Lottman, Sean McBride, and MJ Pierson, all of Northern Hills for the three hour planning session.  Of the religious denominations present, UU’s had the largest representation.

Approximately 90 attendees were divided into groups, with each group to examine one of five earlier identified issues.  The issues studied were Education, Employment/Job Creation & Training, Homelessness/Affordable Housing, Immigration, and Regional Governance & Development.

Representatives then met in groups within their own religious denominations to discuss these issues and vote as individuals to rank the issues.  Each denomination/judicatory then summarized their rankings to arrive at a single ranking offered as representative of that denomination.  These were then combined to yield a total ranking, with the top two then identified as the issues that MARCC will focus on.  Those two issues for 2012 are Immigration and Homelessness/Affordable Housing.

Although two issues have been identified for special focus, that does not mean that the other issues will be ignored.  MARCC will be monitoring issues and may schedule meetings on items like public school funding or unemployment, too.  But particular emphasis will be on the two issues identified. – Lee Meyer, November 16, 2011

Unite Miami Location: Central Quad

Please note the location of the event Unite Miami: Love is our Resistance. The location is the Central Quad which is located just south of Spring Street between Oak and Maple Streets. Date and time remains 10/25, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
Unite Miami will promote a “community celebration of diversity and compassion in the face of the Westboro Baptist message of hatred.” For more information please visit the Spectrum website.  Unite Miami is where the Hopedale UU Community will be and we hope you will join us there.
Campus Map Parking is a 2 block walk however you do it. Park in town or in the parking lots at the C/1 or G/3 quadrant marked on the map with a circled P. The Unite Miami event is behind the #57 and #94 building in the D/2.5 quadrant, a grassy area surrounded by dorms. There is a little sticky on the map that shows the location of the event.
Do not go down Spring Street so you can avoid the WBC. Submitted by Liz Woedl

Homosexuality and the Bible

Saturdays Oct. 1, 8, and 22 the Campus Ministry Center will be hosting the workshop “Homosexuality and the Bible” from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  Get a chance to read and discuss all the passages that mention homosexuality in the Bible in context. Donuts, Danishes and juice and coffee will be provided.  Rev. Mike Underhill, one of our CMC Board Members teaches the workshop which considers the Biblical passages used to “clobber” people.  All are welcome. The CMC is located at 16 S. Campus Avenue, Oxford, OH. For more information please contact the center at 513) 523-4848 or – Submitted by Lights on Campus and posted by Liz Woedl