Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Commemorative March

Celebrate the life and the legacy of Brother Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with others in the Oxford and the Miami U. Community on Monday, January 16. This year’s theme is “Remembering the Dream: A Life Long Dedication to Excellence.” There will be a march beginning at the Uptown Memorial Park of Oxford, Ohio at 10am. The march will end at Hall Auditorium for indoor festivities. Come out and commemorate one of the most influential men in our nation’s history!

The event is sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Delta Upsilon Chapter.

Hopedale Will be Standing on the Side of Love

Members of the Hopedale Unitarian Universalist Community of Oxford will join with numerous other community groups on Tuesday, October 25, to stand in opposition to the picketing Westboro Baptist Church at Miami University. Hopedale is a part of the national “Standing on the Side of Love” campaign sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association. The campaign elevates compassionate religious voices to fight oppression.
Miami’s Spectrum group is coordinating action against the anti-gay Westboro group’s plan to picket on campus. Plans for the peaceful counter-picket event can be found at the Spectrum Website. – Submitted by Judi Hetrick

Polls Say “I Do”

For the first time in many years Pew Research polls indicate most people support allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally. Related polls also show shifting opinions. Those people born after 1965 show the most support for same-sex marriage. Those born before 1964 are mostly opposed but, even in this age group, support is growing.  – Submitted by Liz Woedl

Pride Abounds in Summer Events

UU Chalice on Parade in Mason, OhioThe UU Council of Greater Cincinnati sponsored the Interfaith Pride Worship Service held at St. John’s on Thursday, June 7.  Thanks to the work of Bruce Beisner and many others we filled the sanctuary and greeted participants from about 15 different faith communities.  The service was wonderful and everyone thanked we UUs for making it such an Interfaith experience.
Following the Pride Service the UUCGC had an Information Booth at both the Covington Pride event and the Cincinnati Pride event.  UUs stayed in the booth and had conversations with festival goers and gave out information about what UUism is all about.  For some, being in the booth was a new experience, but everyone seemed to have a good time hanging out.
UU participation ing the Cincinati Pride Parade featured a giant Flaming Chalice with flames attached to the top of a car representing all 6 Greater Cincinnati Congregations. The Flaming chalice also made an appearance at the Mason Heritage Parade (above). – Submitted by Liz Woedl