Mobile Health Fair Information

There will be a mobile health fair on August 3 in downtown Dayton not specifically for migrant workers but for inner city residents. If  you want to participate as a volunteer in the Dayton health fair, Jenny Bailer is the person to contact at:

For information on mobile health fairs, many of which are for migrant workers, press this link to the Synod of the Covenant. – Links posted by Liz Woedl

Immigration as a Moral Issue, Part 4

On Sunday, July 17, Hopedale UU Community  will continue to explore the UUA Study/Action Issue “IMMIGRATION AS A MORAL ISSUE” focusing on Security, Enforcement and Human Rights. We’ll get a glimpse of the enormity of the human suffering caused by the U.S.’ enforcement-only immigration policy and consider how human rights are protected (or not).

For the handouts and links go to – Submitted by Liz Woedl