About Us

We are Hopedale UU Community members interested in coordinating Social Justice education and outreach projects. We meet to discuss current and upcoming interests and issues.

Dubbed the Social Justice Committee, Hopedale Unitarian Universalist Community, we focus on the Green Sanctuary and Welcoming Congregation issues, and also recognized emerging interest and support for the Standing on the Side of Love initiatives and Economic/Civil Justice issues. We having interest, knowledge, skills and leadership to address these areas:

  • Green Sanctuary – study, social witness, Sunday service message, building improvements, community garden, rain barrel for gardening, and compost improvement, interfaith outreach, ethical eating, Interfaith Climate Change Work Group (ICCWG, including Green Screen), UUME: Web of Life
  • Welcoming Congregation – GLBTQ study, Sunday service message, social witness, campus/community & interfaith outreach (UUCGC),
  • Side of Love – study, Sunday service message, social witness, GLBTQ concerns, immigration (UUCGC), multicultural awareness and other SSL initiatives
  • Economic/Civil Justice – study, social witness (UUCGC), Kiva (Hopedale Team), local community meal support, Empty Bowls

We acknowledge that many of these issues are intertwined and realize that the kind of ministry that address them is best coordinated by the shared leadership of a committed group comprised of those individuals listed above, and others, who would work in support of the committee’s projects and initiatives.

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