Social Justice November Update

The Social Justice committee is sponsoring will be a Second Sunday Collection on Sunday, November 13 to benefit Talawanda Oxford Pantry & Social Services and will match contributions up to the first $100 of the donations. TOPSS serve their clients’ food needs by honoring shoppers’ dignity, allowing them to choose their food items according to their household size and preference. Please make checks out to “HUUC’ and put “TOPSS” in the memo line. 

Member and Friends of HUUC are invited to participate in “Transgender Inclusion in Congregations” an online course by the Transforming Hearts Collective, and facilitated by the Social Justice Committee, HUUC and the Hopedale Adult Religious Education as part of renewing our Welcoming Congregation Status. The course has two remaining sessions and will be taught in person at the HUUC building at 3870 Millville Oxford Rd, Oxford, Ohio with remote access for those who wish to attend virtually. The remaining dates are Nov. 13, 2022 and Jan. 29, 2023, 1pm-3pm.

Voting Information:
• Vote! The polls are open on Election Day from 6:30AM to 7:30PM.
• The Butler County Board of Elections at, Check your registration!
• The League of Women Voters of Oxford website is a great place to check on elections, issues, and voter education. We have the League of Women Voters’ election guides at Hopedale in the entry area.

Read the Action of Immediate Witness Statements chosen for at the June 2022 UUA General Assembly. These links are HOT:

We Do Not Consent: Taking Action to Ensure Access to Abortion  
Stop the Privatization of Medicare 
Anti-Racism and Reparations Via Restorative Justice

Calendar Dates:
• Thu, Nov 10, HUUC Social Justice Zoom mtg. 7 pm
• Sat, Nov 12, UU Council of Greater Cincinnati, Zoom mtg, 9:30-11:30 am
• Sun, Nov 13, Second Sunday Collection
• Sun, Nov 13, Adult RE/Trans Inclusion, 1-3 pm

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