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Rev. Kierstin Homblette Allen (Congregational Coordinator for Beloved Conversations) from the Meadville Lombard Theological School participated in a Zoom conversation on 11/16/2020 with area members of UU Council Greater Cincinnati congregations to answer questions about the program Beloved Conversations. This is work that we as individuals and as a congregation need to do if we are to be effective partners with POC in building a just Beloved Community. The work is a major commitment in time and in money. We can probably find the money. The program work is defined as being within, among, and without.

The “within” consists of two semesters, both required before moving on to the next level of work. We will be joining the Spring semester and then the Fall semester. Time commitment: 6 lessons every 2 weeks about 8-10 hours of homework (reading, reflection, etc.), 6 discussions in pod groups of 1 ½ hours each, 4 large group facilitated meetings. You may or may not know the members of your pod. Each semester is $150 each. Each semester has two parallel groups: white folks and black folks because we need to do the  internal work separate before we can work together.

The program goes next to work “among” (among the congregation) and then to the work “without” (into the community). This is very much an evolving program.

Please give thought to participating in this program. There are many additional resources that we can use to broaden our understanding of anti-white supremacy work and our place in systemic white supremacy. Perhaps members who are interested in Beloved Conversations need to have a discussion.

Submitted by Libby Earle and Liz Woedl

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