A Litigator’s Quest for Marriage Equality and LGBT Rights  

7 pm Sunday October 7 St. John’s UU Church, 320 Resor Ave
Civil rights attorney Al Gerhardstein will discuss his work on marriage equality and LGBT rights at St. John’s UU Church at 7 pm on Sunday October 7.  A long time member of First Unitarian church, Al has been litigating since 1976. While he is best known nationally as lead counsel for James Obergefell in the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision Obergefell v. Hodges, he has been an advocate on behalf of prisoners, victims of police misconduct and women seeking reproductive freedom throughout his career. Beyond recovering millions of dollars for victims of official misconduct, he has sought and achieved systemic criminal justice reforms through injunctions and creative settlements, such as the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement. He is also the founder of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, a nonprofit agency that advocates and litigates for criminal justice reform.  Sponsored by St. John’s Men’s Group and Interweave.

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