Green Screen: Last Call at the Oasis


Green Screen” on Wed, March 27, 7pm – 9pm at the Oxford Community Arts Center Theater. The featured film, Last Call at the Oasis is a coolly intelligent documentary that examines a brewing water shortage affecting not just impoverished countries but also parts of the U.S. Laying out its case exhaustively without being preachy or unnecessarily fatalistic, “Last Call” touches on everything from the scam of bottled water to the struggles to make the concept of recycled water (e.g., converted waste water) palatable to consumers. It’s a smart, engaging film that will hopefully spark a larger debate about a natural resource that some observers feel could someday be as precious (and as scarce) as oil.” Green Screen is an OCAC, Green Oxford and ICCWG collaboration and presents films about the science, art, politics and spirituality of the natural environment that educate, amuse, motivate and inspire. Consider it Eco-Entertainment!

Author: lizwoedl


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