Social Justice Committee, HUUC, Supports Spring Break Alternative

We at Hopedale UU are very interested in issues related to Immigration. In 2011, we hosted a 6-week Social Justice Sunday study series that focused on the issue and we have had several Sunday Services about Immigration as well. Last year, Cincinnati area UUs worked with an interfaith planning group that resulted in a major Immigration-themed conference and social witness event in March of 2012.

The Social Justice Committee, HUUC, is excited about the Campus Ministry Center Alternative Spring Break mission trip to the border so that Miami U students can learn first hand about Immigration issues. The Committee voted to donate $175 toward the trip. And, to match that, we will ask Hopedale members and Friends to participate in a special early winter second Sunday collection to hopefully raise an additional $175 to cover the $350 needed to fund one student’s expenses.

Author: lizwoedl


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