MARCC Chooses Concerns for 2013

The Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati, (MARCC) held it’s Fall Planning Conference on Tuesday, November 13. The Unitarian Universalist Council had a delegation of 11 people from four of our congregations. Once again the UUs had one of the larger delegations.

This year the two concerns that were voted on for MARCC to concentrate on in 2103 are “Community Police Relations/Justice Reform” and “Homelessness/Affordable Housing“. There is much work to be done in both of these area. The selection for the next year’s concentrations are made by the Judacatories (faith groups) voting on their priorities.

We UUs also voted for “Immigration” to continue as a priority but it ended up 3rd or 4th by the rest of the group.

MARCC had a Delegates Council meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month in the undercroft of St. Peter In Chains Catholic Church Downtown. The topics are usually announced a week or so before so that they are current. The speakers are always interesting with topics that are related to the Social Justice Advocacy work that MARCC does. If you would like to be on the mailing list for MARCC Announcements please e-mail MJ Pierson at

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