Hopedale & Habitat

Hopedale has been scheduled to help at the Habitat site four times:

  • June 16
  • June 30 (bringing a photographer – have one lined up)
  • July 21 (bringing lunch for everyone)
  • August 18 (need to bring a photographer again – any volunteers?)

The site is at 5278 Hester Rd., and we will need to be there from 8:30-3:30 each day. On June 16, June 30, and August 18, we only need to bring the people who feel like building a house – we should have 3 or 4 people representing Hopedale.

On July 21, we need to bring not only house builders but lunch for the whole work crew, from all the faith communities. This will be about 25 people.

The first time any worker comes to the site, he or she should come early (8:20 am) and bring paperwork. This is important and necessary! Volunteer forms are available on the website: http://www.habitat-tristate.org/volunteer.aspx

Please contact Jennifer Blue (bluejm@muohio.edu) if you:

  • know you can build on one of our build days (please say which days)
  • know you can help with lunch on July 21
  • want to be the project’s photographer on August 18

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