Web Of Life Sundays

This summer the Hopedale UU Community will devote five Sundays in June and July to study and explore “Our Place in the Web of Life,” an environmental justice curriculum created by the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth. These Sundays will engage us in an ongoing process of discussion, as it relates to our UU Principles.

Though not a typical Sunday experience, the informal atmosphere will be participatory, informative and reflective.  Our goals for these sessions include:

  1. To deepen our understanding of place – where we fit geographically, biologically, socially, and economically in the complex set of interdependent relationships that comprise life on earth;
  2. To discover connections between UU theology, spiritual practices, and the work of environmental justice;
  3. To explore our environmental impact on our local community and beyond;
  4. To build group consciousness about the ethics of our relationships with disenfranchised populations;
  5. To reinforce our congregational identity by engaging in a discussion about what matters to you, what values you hold in common, and how you might be willing to act on those values;
  6. To do serious justice work using lively and creative methods – have fun!

Participants will be able to review study materials each week prior to the Sunday by downloading the items from huucboard.wordpress.com. Those who are unable to participate on a given Sunday will still benefit by reviewing online resources in self-study. Hardcopy of the materials is available to those without Internet access upon request.

The 10:30 – 11:30am sessions will be held in the Hopedale Sanctuary if the weather is cool but will move to the downstairs classroom area if we need relief from a hot day. The sessions are open to the public. Childcare will be provided. For more information please contact facilitator Liz Woedl at (513) 280-1044 or liz.woedl@gmail.com.

  • June 10- Session # 1: Creating a Learning Community
  • June 17- Session #2: The Role of Stuff in Everyday Life
  • July 5- Session #3: Mapping Congregational Environmental Impact
  • July 22- Session #4: Theological Reflections, Re-Focusing on “Race”
  • July 29- Session #5: Lessons Learned, Next Steps and Evaluation

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