Standing on the Side of Love and the Good Green Earth

Student minister Bruce Beisner and five Hopedale Members are attending the Immigration Justice Conference, March 3 in Cincinnati. The following day, Sunday, March 4, our Sunday service will focus on the topic with a 2nd collection taken to support the weekend’s events. Later in the day, everyone is welcome to attend the Dream Act Rally, March 4 at Friendship Park, on the riverfront in Cincinnati. For more information go to

We are networking with Hamilton’s Community Meal Center (Lauren Marsh) and Oxford Community Choice Pantry (Steve Dana) to coordinate support and participation for these important programs in our communities. Bruce Beisner has become a familiar face at at OCCP.

Judi Hetrick is making a Hopedale Group on so individuals can give directly to the micro-lending site. If you are a Kiva lender, you will be soon able to link to our group. Judi reports that 100% of our previous micro-loans have been repaid. That’s great because then the money can be loaned over and over to other entrepreneurs

Orie Loucks is our representative with the local Oxford Interfaith Climate Change Work Group (ICCWG), a coalition of area churches and concerned individuals working on the issue of climate change and earth stewardship. The ICCWG, in cooperation with 11 Oxford area innovators in energy conservation, has worked to create a report entitled Meeting the Energy Challenge: Oxford Area Leaders in Reducing Carbon Footprints. There will be a 2nd collection on April 22 to help support that work.

Last summer we hosted 6 study action Sundays that took a hard look at current immigration policies and practices. This year we will use on online survey to choose a topic for more engaging summer Sundays. Help us choose!

Coming up in June:Cincinnati Pride, downtown Cincinnati Fountain Square, Saturday 6/30/12, Greater Cincinnati Gay Chamber of Commerce and we will be there. An interfaith worship service will be near that date (more details on posted flyer at Hopedale).

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