Dream Act Rally

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 4, organizers plan a “March for the Dream Act” rally at the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park, 1101 Riverside Drive on the Cincinnati Riverfront, east of the Montgomery Inn Boathouse at 3:00 pm.

The “Dream Act” is a proposed federal law that would make it possible for individuals brought to the United States in infancy or childhood to follow a shorter, well-defined path to citizenship.  Many “dreamers” have no memory of any home other than the USA and speak English as a native language.  2010 US census figures indicate that most “dreamers” are the oldest children in households that represent one of the fastest growing population groups in the United States.  This means that they tend to have younger siblings who, having been born in the states, are US citizens who will be eligible to vote as soon as they turn 18.

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Author: lizwoedl


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