Unite Miami Location: Central Quad

Please note the location of the event Unite Miami: Love is our Resistance. The location is the Central Quad which is located just south of Spring Street between Oak and Maple Streets. Date and time remains 10/25, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
Unite Miami will promote a “community celebration of diversity and compassion in the face of the Westboro Baptist message of hatred.” For more information please visit the Spectrum website.  Unite Miami is where the Hopedale UU Community will be and we hope you will join us there.
Campus Map Parking is a 2 block walk however you do it. Park in town or in the parking lots at the C/1 or G/3 quadrant marked on the map with a circled P. The Unite Miami event is behind the #57 and #94 building in the D/2.5 quadrant, a grassy area surrounded by dorms. There is a little sticky on the map that shows the location of the event.
Do not go down Spring Street so you can avoid the WBC. Submitted by Liz Woedl

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