Pride Abounds in Summer Events

UU Chalice on Parade in Mason, OhioThe UU Council of Greater Cincinnati sponsored the Interfaith Pride Worship Service held at St. John’s on Thursday, June 7.  Thanks to the work of Bruce Beisner and many others we filled the sanctuary and greeted participants from about 15 different faith communities.  The service was wonderful and everyone thanked we UUs for making it such an Interfaith experience.
Following the Pride Service the UUCGC had an Information Booth at both the Covington Pride event and the Cincinnati Pride event.  UUs stayed in the booth and had conversations with festival goers and gave out information about what UUism is all about.  For some, being in the booth was a new experience, but everyone seemed to have a good time hanging out.
UU participation ing the Cincinati Pride Parade featured a giant Flaming Chalice with flames attached to the top of a car representing all 6 Greater Cincinnati Congregations. The Flaming chalice also made an appearance at the Mason Heritage Parade (above). – Submitted by Liz Woedl

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